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Winter in the doorway and no more fun than cuddling in bed and warming up and what about our dog? Can we let him cuddle with us? True, the temptation is great !!! It is fun to feel our good friend curled up with the warmth of his body close to us, or at our feet, but is that recommended?

Do you recommend sleeping with your dog? Usually not. It is better for a dog to have his own bed and place and not get used to sleeping with you or one of the family members.

Why not sleep with your dog?

  1. Many dogs move in their sleep and may accidentally injure us and we may crush or injure a small dog without notice.
  2. Most of the year, in our warm country, dogs tend to bring hitchhikers like fleas and ticks with them, and they should not be spared in our bed
  3. Sometimes allergy or respiratory problems develop from such close contact with the dog for you as well as for the rest of the family it is better for everyone to sleep in their bed.
  4. Remember that even though it is fun for us now that we are lonely our family situation can change, our health condition can change and it will not always be appropriate for our dog to sleep in our bed, so in order not to create behavior and control problems with the dog it is better from the beginning to get him to sleep in his own bed.

Why is a dog bed important?

  1. The Dog Bed Its role to distinguish between the cold, hard floor in winter and your dog's body
  2. Keep the dog's body warm
  3. Be your own place for the many hours your dog sleeps.

The variety of dog beds in the specialized pet stores is huge and confusing.

How to choose the best bed for your dog?

Depends on the dog of course. He can't speak and say what his preferences are but you can definitely watch him and decide which bed is right for him depending on his size, age and sleeping habits.
Also consider what you need out of bed for your dog, where she will stand on a closed porch or living room or bedroom,
What are the constraints of space, home furnishings, aesthetics, and how much you are willing or able to invest to make the right choice.

Still, why is it important to pay attention to choosing a dog bed?

Washing - the most important thing Is the mattress washable? Is the bed washing and washing? In order to eliminate odors, dirt and fleas, it is imperative to wash the bed or at least its cover once a month at least. If your dog is large, it is best to purchase a dog bed with a removable zipper that is easy to remove and wash.

Bed size - The bed should allow a dog to cuddle in the shape of a donut and not stand out from the bed.
Dog Bed Adjustment - There are thick, double fur dogs who prefer the coolest place in the house over any bed, especially when young, but most dog breeds and all old dogs prefer a bed or soft bed to sleep on. Therefore, they prefer a bed texture that suits their preferences and needs, which will feel comfortable and keep their body warm.

As you mentioned, there is a huge variety of textile colors and textured dog beds

Thin mattress - its purpose is to create a relatively thin buffer between the dog and the hard, hard floor. The thin mattress is easy to wash and dries quickly and easily in the case of a flea attack The thin mattress is good as a solution for traveling, traveling, for a short time or while cleaning the fixed bed.
Dog ramp or dog stairs - will ease your dog life a lot! We'll make his life much more easier than before. He could jump easily for bed to ground!
You can

A pop-filled, fluffy and soft bed. Basically it's like our upside down blanket, which is tailored to a dog bed.
Note the quality of the fabric and the filler. Most of the filler is polyester fiber.
It is advisable to purchase these beds with a removable mattress that can be easily washed.
These beds are suitable for our weather in the country and for young and older dogs, it is a good choice for older dogs and dogs with joint problems that have difficulty lifting their feet to get into bed. And in need of warmth and comfort.

Plastic beds in the form of an ellipse and mattress. These more expensive beds in the category are about investing hundreds of shekels in the case of a big dog. Again it is important to make sure that the mattress can be washed. The bed itself stays on for a long time and from time to time the mattress can be renewed.

It does not matter which bed you choose from the beds I mentioned, the beds are good and recommended and are especially mandatory for older dogs, dogs who need help maintaining their body heat such as greyhounds, short fur dogs, sick dogs, or joint problems
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